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Supporting young women
to find confidence and
Move their way


Research tells us that from the age of 15, participation by girls in organised sport and active recreation starts to decline at a faster rate than young men. They do fewer activities and are active for less time.

Parents and caregivers play a key role in supporting young women to retain good habits around movement for the benefit of their physical and mental health. This campaign is designed to help adults better understand the needs and wants of young women and the barriers they face when it comes to physical activity.

This a great place to start learning more about #itsmymove.

Understanding the value of physical activity

ActiveNZ research shows that Kiwis who reach the global recommended goal of at least 2.5 hours of moderate to vigorous physical activity a week are 51% more likely to have healthy mental wellbeing.

Read more about how we can support quality experiences for our young women across sport and active recreation.

How to support young women in finding ways they love to be active:

Take time to understand their motivations, wants, concerns and fears, and whether their current activities support their wellbeing or add more worries and pressure to their lives.
Encourage all forms of movement; it’s not all about playing a sport and being in a team.
Most young women have had an adult comment on their appearance or physical suitability for an activity at some stage in their life. It’s important to create environments where young women feel safe, happy, confident, and valued.
Support opportunities to be active that fit around other life demands – that might mean online workouts at home, getting active with friends or even just walking to school or from the bus.
Understand the power of friendship and peers to motivate young women to join in and try new things.

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